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Direct Burial

Direct Burial and what happens to the body of a person after he/she died? Technically, it depends on the family of the deceased whether to cremate or bury the body after the funeral. Although cremation is not a new method, it’s a good thing that families have different options to dispose of the body of their loved ones aside from the traditional burial. If you think cremation is better, well, there are still families who want to keep the body of their loved ones intact even after death. In the latter part of this article, we will discuss why burial remains a thing today although there is a more flexible way of body disposition.

What is direct burial?

Direct and traditional burial are two different methods. Traditional burial is the act of burying the body after several days of the funeral. This includes burial ceremonies before burying the body in a grave. Families usually do this to commemorate and honor the death of their family member. On the other hand, direct burial is an immediate type of burial. After days of death, families opt to bury the body without formal funeral services or burial ceremonies. Even with burial, there are alternatives that you can choose.

What is the purpose of direct burial?

The purpose of direct burial is to give families a flexible option when disposing of the body of the deceased. It exists so that those people who want immediate and affordable burial can do it with less hassle. Usually, people who select this option have no time for formal funeral ceremonies that they want to immediately end the process of mourning. We can’t blame them, who would want a long grieving process? Each family differs when it comes to funeral services and there is no wrong about direct burial.

How does direct burial work?

The process of burying the body with direct burial is easy. First, the funeral home or the burial company will pick up the body from the place where the person passed. The family may then choose a simple casket where the body can be put into. There is no need for costly and complex caskets because there will be no visitation and no formal ceremonies. Lastly, the family and the company will assist to go to the cemetery and bury the body the same day or the next day, whichever the family prefers. That’s it, no need to arrange for the location of the wake, the meals, and other stuff about the funeral.

Why choose direct burial?

Choosing direct burial has a lot of benefits. You can choose this service because it is more affordable compared to traditional burial and cremation. Direct burial uses a simple casket than an expensive one because of its immediate process. There is also no visitation, wake, or viewing needed, which eliminates the cost for major funeral services. People with tight budgets can opt for this. Furthermore, relatives and families of the deceased can keep the body of their loved one intact with this service as you let the body decompose naturally. Families also skip the embalming process in direct burial. And if you don’t want to skip the graveyard ceremony, you can schedule it later once you have enough budget to do it. Last but not least, direct burial encourages families to move on from pain and grieving. The more you delay the burial of your loved one, the harder it is for you to let go.

What are the things to consider when choosing the right company?

If you’ve chosen direct burial because of its affordability, then you should try comparing the prices of different funeral homes offering the service. Cost is one of the many things you can consider. The lesser the price, the easier for you to budget your money. Bear in mind the budget you are willing to spend to help you out on estimating the cost of direct burial. Next is the location. Choose a company near you if you want an immediate burial. Then, review the feedback of the funeral homes. You still deserve a great service even if it’s cheap. Quality should not be compromised just because you want a speedy burial. You might find companies that don’t do well in direct burial but have excellent services when it comes to complete funeral packages. No matter what you choose for your loved one, great quality of service should also be a priority. The arrangement of a direct burial must be disclosed to you by the company so that you would know that you are paying for the right service. It is recommended that you become aware of the process. We offer a range of funeral services Houston, TX area.

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