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Cremation Services

Cremation services and having someone in your family die is a painful thing. The end to someone’s life is when they die and we cannot avoid that no matter what we do for our loved ones. When someone dies, the need for funeral services arises. This is one major reason why funeral homes and cemeteries exist. You need someone to do everything about funerals for you so you can focus on grieving and honoring the person who died. The next thing you should decide on after choosing the right funeral home for you is whether to bury the body of the deceased or cremate it. In this article, we will focus on everything you need to know about cremation and what are good companies that offer this service in Houston, TX.

What are the cremation services?

For those of you who are wondering what cremation is, it is the process of disposing of the dead body by burning it. It is considered as a post-funeral rite after the wake. It is also an alternative if the family doesn’t want to bury the body of the deceased. In some places in the world, cremation has been a tradition while in some regions, cremation is only optional. Whether it is cremation or burial, you can make your own decision or based your option on what the deceased wants before he/she died.

What is the purpose of cremation?

The sole purpose of cremation is to turn the dead body into ash and let the family store it at home or at cemeteries. What’s good about cremation is that you have the option to take home your loved one even after he/she died. If you choose burial, you won’t be able to do it because you need a decent place where you can dig up a hole for the casket.

How does cremation work?

Many people wonder how does cremation work and it’s time for you to know. The cremation process includes a method that turns the body into basic elements like ash. The body is exposed to intense heat, open fire, and evaporation to completely turn it into ash. There is also a specific place called the cremation chamber where the body is burned. You can’t just put flames on the body in public or private places. Basically, cremation is a 5-step process. First, the body is identified and the family gives the authorization to cremate the body to the company who will do it. Consent is very crucial in this process. Next, the body is prepared and put into the right container. Usually, the container is fully combustible to fit the burning process. Third, the body is put into the cremation chamber where it will be burned. After the burning process, the metals in the remains are removed to retain only the remains of the body. Lastly, the ashes are put into a container or urn coming from the family.

Why should you choose cremation over burial?

Plenty of reasons are out there for you to choose the cremation process over burial. Number one is if it’s your family tradition to cremate. No more questions ask, just proceed to the cremation process. Next is the cost. Cremation is a lot cheaper than the traditional burial process. You can save about 40-50% of the cost when you choose a cremation because there is no need for a grave, caskets, or headstones. Families may even decide not to embalm the body. Then, cremation is simple. There is no need for additional burial ceremonies. An urn for the ask is easier to obtain and carry than a human-sized casket. Cremation is also more flexible than burial. You can bring the urn at home or put it in a cemetery. You can’t store a body in the casket in your home forever.

What are the companies that offer cremation in Houston, TX?

Most funeral homes in Texas do cremation services aside from funeral services. The options are flexible and the prices are usually affordable in the state. If you don’t want a direct cremation services company, you can opt for funeral homes that offer funeral services, cremation, and cemeteries so that you won’t have to pay extra for the cremation process. You can also choose a package that includes cremation, just inform the funeral home what you want to happen.

What are the things to consider when choosing a cremation service provider?

Well, there are basic things you need to know when choosing a cremation service provider. First is the quality of their service because you can’t just trust somebody to burn the body of your loved one. Make sure the company is recommended and it has many good reviews. Companies should disclose the process of cremation services to you too. Consider the cost of their service as well. If it is more affordable to go to a direct cremation company, then you should choose it if it fits your budget. Next, don’t forget about the location of the company. You don’t want to cross the state and bing the body of the deceased. Choose a funeral home Houston provider that you trust and can provide the level of service you seek.

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